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WinBatch is the solution that will automate your Windows desktop. It's a great tool for network administrators. This program uses a comprehensive and easy-to-use programming language, designed for system administrators, so that they can learn it without the complexity of other languages like C, C+, and VB.

WinBatch's environment includes an interpreter, a code editor, a dialog designer, and an optional compiler for creating independent executable files.

This application incorporates, besides development studies, a visual dialog editor, as well as many features that aim to save you some time (like the keyboard shortcuts), by automating your work.

The program does almost any network administration task, it automates your PC management, it quickly creates software projects models, and lets you program a wide range of services.

In short, with WinBatch you can program and control your computer, showing very efficient results that let you do more in less time.
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